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It’s hard to imagine a life without technology today. When we wake up in the morning we use our digital alarm clock, we make phone calls that are software-controlled, we are always connected to a network via our phone or computer, we travel using a GPS, we shop online, watch films on our tablets, we use programmed machines to produce our cars, clothes, food and so on.

All of the above have been programmed by a developer, and since these technologies play such a significant role in modern life, we need more people who understand how they work, not only for future job opportunities but also during their current education. Schools are now starting to use devices rather than books as educational tools which makes it crucial that our children know how to operate them.

Adelaide Robotics Academy’s purpose is to assist children in developing their future careers. Not because it is trendy, but because it was needed. Australia MUST HAVE competent specialists tomorrow and they are YOUR children. Otherwise, we will be left behind as a country, we’ll become a consumer/importer nation instead of a creative one.

Coding isn’t hard. Instead, it involves a lot of troubleshooting which is called debugging in coding terms. Debugging is the act of identifying and correcting errors in the code during software or hardware development. This is done by going through the written program carefully via a debugging tool or component of the program used.

Sometimes the device can provide clues on what the error might be related to. The programmer can then use a search engine to find already existing coding examples or documentation that might work well as a solution. In many cases, there are coding snippets on forums that can be put together with their code to find the answers to the error.

This technique doesn’t only teach children how to solve problems in IT; it can also be applied to develop new creative ways of thinking in their professional or personal lives.

Adelaide Robotics Academy
Adelaide Robotics Academy (an organisation that primarily helps students in America learn computer science) has announced that computed-oriented jobs are needed four times more than any other profession in the United States. In fact, their numbers go as far as stating that America has 530,472 computing occupations available right now including job titles like Software applications developer, Computer systems analyst, Web developer, Computer programmer and Computer systems engineer.

So where did all these available jobs come from? And why aren’t they being filled? The answer is that the IT market is growing faster than we are educating people to manage it. Even though a great deal is being done to introduce computer science subjects into the education system, many teachers are yet to be trained to teach it. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted that 400,000 students would graduate with a computer science degree and the demand for jobs in the relevant field would be 1.4 million.

Look after tomorrow’s generations!