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Adelaide Robotics Academy Beginners Course 1

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate students program LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robots. They follow a Curriculum designed by Carnegie Mellon University. The syllabus includes challenges, activities, videos, resources, documentation, materials, competitions, and tools for Robotics. The course provides a structured sequence of building and programming activities in real-world project-based contexts. There are 100+ projects designed to get students thinking about the patterns and structure of Robotics and problem-solving more generally. The course is based on the principles of Computational Thinking. On completion, students may take an optional 70 questions exam, and if successful, they are awarded a Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University. We are accredited to organise certification exams on behalf of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy for LabVIEW (EV-G) and EV3 Classroom.


Adelaide Robotics Academy Beginners Course 2

Introduction to Robotics

  • Robots definition by genus and difference
  • History of robots
  • Robots in modern society
  • Robots classification
  • Robotics in Education
  • How robots think
  • Various Robotics competitions

Movement Module

  • Introduction to Computational Thinking
  • Sensabot Challenge (forward, backwards, moving arms)
  • Orchard Challenge (study various types of turns)

Sensors Module

  • Touch Sensor Challenge (Loader Challenge)
  • Ultrasonic sensor (Maze Challenge)
  • Gyro Sensor (Mower Challenge)
  • Colour and Light Sensor (Traffic Light Challenge)

Decisions Module

  • Loops (Container Handling Challenge)
  • Switches/Conditions (Strawberry Plant Sorter)
  • Complex Functions (Obstacle Orchard)
  • Line Tracking Challenge
Adelaide Robotics Academy Beginners Course 3
Adelaide Robotics Academy Beginners Course 5

Gyroscope Investigation Module

  • Data Logging and Interpretation
  • Using graphs, calculations, analysis

Maths & Logic Module

  • Variables
  • Logic Operators
  • Mathematics
  • Random, rounding, comparing, ranging

City Challenge

Program an autonomous car to drive through busy traffic using all of the above sensors and coding skills

Final Challenge

Introduces the student to concepts such as flowcharts, iterative design, project planning and the engineering process. At the end of the module, the student needs to solve the “Search and Rescue” challenge, where the robot will have to visit four different rooms and solve specific problems).