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Adelaide Robotics Academy

Programmable drones? Why not?

We have all seen drones and know how fun can be to fly them. But do you know you can program some of them? Ryze Technology believes play is a big part of learning, and learning about drones can also be entertaining. These were the ideas behind their first product, Tello. Powered by a DJI flight control system and an Intel processor, Tello combines industry-leading technology and entertainment into an easy-to-use drone. The best part about it? You can program this flying mini-computer like many other robots with Python, JavaScript, OpenCV and Node-RED.

Adelaide Robotics Academy programmable drones

Programming Tello allows us to teach our students Mathematics (Geometry and Trigonometry) and Physics better than the traditional approach. They learn faster when watching the drone flying rather than looking at formulas on a whiteboard. We also teach Computer Vision and program our drones to recognise and understand shapes (persons, body parts, faces, obstacles), motion (gestures), colours, ArUco markers etc.


One of the most exciting parts of the course is implementing real-life applications. Students program robots and drones to work together and solve complex challenges through various scenarios that require innovation, adaptability and teamwork (for example, working as part of a multidisciplinary team in a simulated Crisis Management Centre and tackling situations such as floods and bushfires). They also learn Project Management by simulating complex missions like Mars exploration or supply delivery in remote areas. Another application is the war room strategy game, which requires planning and launching complex campaigns.


Programming drones prepare our students for their future careers. Drones and increasingly used in the film industryelectricityurban planningoil and gasaerial surveyingreal estatearchitecture-engineering-construction (AEC)natural resource managementagriculturepublic safety (law enforcementfirefightingrescue) and more. Check the above links to see where can knowledge take you!


Can you afford to ignore those trends? Join us today!